What happens if I return my Tuxedo Late?

Our goal is to ensure that you receive a Tuxedo that exceeds your expectations.  Further, in order to provide the highest quality of product and level of service at the best prices, we rely on our customers to return their tuxedos on-time.

Your tuxedo rental should be shipped back to us the next business day after your event.  If your event is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday then you need to send back the tuxedo on Monday.  It is extremely important to us that you drop off your rental as soon as possible following your event.

If we do not receive your tuxedo back in our service center by the 5th day after your event, then a late fee equal to 50% of the retail rental fee will be charged.  If the tuxedo is not back by the 12th day after your event date then a late fee equal to 100% of your retail rental fee will be charged in addition to the first 50% charge.  If the garment is not back the 19th day after your event date, then we would charge you for the cost of the entire tuxedo in addition to all of the previous late charges which would start at a minimum of $300.


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